Turnkey projects

TOOR Ferreel develops turnkey projects. All the customer needs is to bring the product idea; development and testing as well as presentation will be done by our company.


Working with project documentation

All the documents and agreements needed for your project will be managed and prepared by our company

Brand book development

We can help with preparing a tool that helps the customers to maintain their relationships with advertising companies, partners and target audience, optimizing your expenses

Website content development

We can work with the content you provide, making it clear and relevant, as well as help to create a new one

Development of the product and its design

If needed, our specialists can develop your product and help with its improvement

How TOOR Ferreel can help you?

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Our company provides technical support and maintenance of the areas we work with

Code review

Our employees can check your code and point out errors, if there are any, as well as give an advice that may help you to fix it on your own or to improve it



We’ll make sure that all your data is securely protected, and will maintain your security during a long period of time


System maintenance

If you found any malfunctions, tell us immediately — we are able to fix system problems that may occur