The service helps farmers to get better yields at lower cost, providing clear guidance on the number of seeds, fertilizers and water needed for optimal plant growth at every point of the field. Agrieye provides analysis of large amounts of data from satellites and drones. As a result, the farmer will receive full analytics, such as soil condition and moisture, future crop forecasting, and much more. Thus, the farmer will see the full history of their field.
Edex page


An exchanger that decentralized on the Ethereum blockchain. Provides an exchange with metamask organization and helps to work with Ethereum based crypto-assets.

Procamps page


A social media platform that will make a process of communication and interaction between users and planning even more convenient and eventful. Chat with people, plan your schedule, use video features, dashboard, schedules and challenges, and much more!

Jexchanger page


If you are in need of cryptocurrency, this exchanger will for sure be in help. It’s easy to use, so you can easily exchange USD from your credit card to Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc. without facing any difficulties.



The name speaks for itself. An easy to use calculator that will help you to make a cryptocurrency conversion with real time rates. The users also will be able to add different operations, such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, etc.

Biteeu page


This system is based on the fiat integration. It’s a flexible professional currency exchanger with a high speed that also can work via mobile apps and provides you with an information about cryptocurrency markets.

Capital Motors page

Capital Motors

The web site has a filter that can help you to find a car with certain characteristics and acceptable price, making shopping more comfortable. All the users need is to create a personal account, choose a vehicle. There’s a possibility to work with all the documents online, and after that step the user just needs to wait for their car to be delivered.
Jacana page


The principle of this system is simple: every company is able to create a profile and different positions, waiting for employees to apply. This allows to find a perfect candidate way faster and there’s always an opportunity to add more positions, edit them and analyze dynamics on the market via dashboard.
iQx page


iQx will allow you to get the details from over 80k wells around the world. This web site’s goal is to provide you with a solution for oil production monitoring and analysis. Basically, a software that also provides such solutions as data management and analytics.

Taurus Exchange page

Taurus Exchange

There’s also a possibility to receive an education that is needed for users to become independent and learn how to manage their incomes, as well as to communicate with other users.
Cryptoprint page


Cryptoprint is a service designed for creating cryptocurrencies wallets. The main idea of it is to help the user to get a special secure crypto cards. All that is needed is to provide your personal information, and then the system will generate and print your card.

Ludus Exchange page


The way it works is pretty much like a game, it helps students to not get bored during learning, so the process will be more effective. There’s a possibility to save your progress, so you won’t need to start everything again and again. Also you can even get achievement cards during the test, which can help you to find an additional motivation. Ludus is aimed to students’ success, and makes studies funnier.
Coin Drive page

Coin Drive

The users can create shared wallets and use them at the same time, and set up transaction and daily limits and much more. CoinDriveBot provides management of shared funds, using shared wallet in Telegram and helping to keep the track.
Zafeplace page


The users don’t have to be worried about their personal data security, as the service ensures a high level of security.
Famer page


Famer allows you to create a video and post it, so you’ll be able to enter different challenges. But this is not the only good thing, the best about it is the fact that you can compete with other users and even win prizes! You can also share your videos with friends and other Famers, as well as share them on other social media accounts.
Waqapp page


Waqapp makes the beginning of the day funnier and helps to set up a right mood. The app connects to your Facebook account, allowing your friends on there to set an alarm signal for you, giving them an access to your alarm. They also can create a poll with different options and vote on that poll. The option with the biggest amount of votes becomes your alarm signal, and this is what will wake you up the next morning! Sounds thrilling, right?
Sir.Co page


Sir.Co is a site that is aimed to help people to find a person they’d love to be in a long-term relationship with. The site usage is going to be simple, therefore it will be much easier to find a person who may be the one you will spend your life with.